Helix Geospace will be exhibiting at Xponential 8 -11th May 2023

Helix will be exhibiting at Xponential 8-11th May 2023, Colorado Convention Centre, Denver, showcasing our antennas and systems for resilient, precision navigation and satellite communications.

The performance of current technologies will be put to the test by the requirements of upcoming GNSS-enabled applications, including M2M, IoT, autonomous vehicles, and drone delivery platforms. These applications will demand greater levels of positional accuracy, reliable operation in urban environments with high interference, more frequent use of body-worn devices, and a reduction in device size, weight, and power consumption.

Helix’s small and compact helical antennas can provide a number of benefits for the autonomy sector, including improved accuracy, weight reduction and increased manoeuvrability.

Read more about our GPS antennas.

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