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HDC-IRSB-S-OMMT-P1-M - Over-moulded Iridium Antenna - SMA Connector


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Iridium Band Antenna – Over-moulded SMA Connector – Passive Antenna

• Tuned to Iridium frequency: 1,616 – 1,626 MHz
• Immune to out of band interference
• Small Over-moulded Iridium antenna – just 50.5 mm long x 19 mm dia. (with SMA connector)
• Rated IP67


The HDC-IRSB-S-OMMT-P1-M external Iridium antenna is designed for applications requiring high quality reception and is ideal in harsh environments and when used in close proximity to other antennas.

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HDC-IRSB-S-OMMT-P1-M – External Iridium Antenna – SMA Connector

Part of the HDC-IRSB series of DielectriX™ antennas from Helix Geospace which are highly resilient, ruggedised designed and developed for hand-held and other products where size and performance are critical.

The HDC-IRSB-S-OMMT-P1-M is a high-performance antenna created for the Iridium network built upon DielectriX technology. Helix’s Iridium antennas feature exceptional multi-path (reflected) signal selectivity and are resistant to RF and electrical noise. They’re balanced and isolated from platform ground, so they’re immune to common-mode noise. They’re also unaffected by nearfield object de-tuning. Satelles STL (Satellite Time and Location) services, which are utilised for GPS backup, are also supported by the antenna.

Helix Geospace HDC-IRSB series antennas are ideally suited for Iridium applications in which resilience and compact form factor are essential:

  • All Iridium voice and SBD (Short Burst Data) applications – satphones and terminals
  • Satelles STL service applications
  • Defence/security/CNI/first responder
  • Asset tracking and fleet vehicle tracking
  • Internet of Things
  • Personal safety devices
  • Hand-held and wearable devices
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Industrial/Oil & gas/Mining


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Weight 0.26 g
Dimensions 19 × 50.5 mm