Antennas for PNT and satcomms

HXEVK01100 GPS L1 & L2 Antenna Development Kit


GPS multi-band L1/L2 frequency active antenna in a development kit for single-use and application testing.

  • Tuned to GPS L1 and L2 frequencies: 1,565.42-1,585.42 MHz (L1) and 1,217.6-1,237.6 MHz (L2)

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HXEVK01100 GPS L1 & L2 Antenna Development Kit

Helix Geospace’s HXGL0100 series of DielectriX™ antennas are highly resilient, ruggedised antennas designed for hand-held and other products where size and performance are crucial.

These antennas have high discrimination against multi-path (reflected) signals and are immune to RF and electrical noise. They are balanced and isolated from platform ground, ensuring immunity to common-mode noise, and are unaffected by near-field object detuning.

Kit Content:
1 x HXGL0114-SAA passive, over-moulded antenna (with SMA connector) – (L) 56mm x (D)19mm – weight 29g
1 x aluminium mounting bracket (with magnet) (L) 39mm (W) 53mm (H) 54mm
1 x 3 m connecting cable.

Helix Geospace HXGL0100 series antennas are ideally suited for PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) applications in which resilience, position accuracy and compact form factor are essential:

  • Precision location and navigation
  • Precision Timing for network sync and crypto
  • Defence/security/CNI/first responder
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Asset tracking and fleet vehicle tracking
  • Internet of Things
  • Personal safety devices
  • Hand-held and wearable location devices
  • Industrial/Oil & gas/Mining.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 90 mm