Paul Cooper appointed as Director of Operations at Helix Geospace.

Helix Geospace, a specialist in the design and manufacture of dielectric-loaded multi-filar high-performance antennas, announce the appointment of Paul Cooper as Director of Operations.

In this role, Paul will ensure that we achieve a smooth transition into our new premises at the Abingdon Science Park and lead the company’s operations team, including quality, new product introduction and supply chain management with a focus to scale up manufacturing to meet Helix’s commercial needs. 

Helix’s patented technology encompasses the innovative use of ceramics and our proprietary AI-driven manufacturing system. This presents unique benefits, ultimately delivering higher performance at a price point that broadens the market. With industrial designers pushing form factors in a similar way to what was seen within the mobile phones industry, these advantages are increasingly recognised as we enable RF designers to meet the challenging requirements imposed by physical designs through the supply of SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) antennas. SWaP-C provides a framework for evaluating and optimising the performance, efficiency, and affordability of systems and components, considering their physical size, weight, power consumption, and cost. 

Paul brings 10 years of experience in leading and managing large organisations delivering complex projects and programs. Demonstrating expertise in strategic planning, cross-functional team leadership, and stakeholder management. Over his 30-year career he has accumulated extensive experience in optimising manufacturing, implementing technical automation, procurement, supply chain management, and customer service. Prior to joining Helix Geospace, Paul ventured into RF technology with Motorola Solutions and, more recently, held various leadership positions at Nokia for over 9 years. 

 Oliver Leisten, CTO at Helix Geospace, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am delighted that Paul has accepted the Director of Operations role and embraces the challenge of leading Helix Geospace’s manufacturing facility through the upcoming phase of rapid growth. Paul brings 2 Operations Director Appointment extensive experience in improving performance and implementing high-tech manufacturing automation. These attributes align perfectly with the company’s needs to streamline manufacturing and supply chains, collaborating with international suppliers, channel partners, and customers. Paul possesses the capability to optimise our new manufacturing process and further enhance our proprietary AI-driven manufacturing system.” 

“I am very excited to be joining Helix Geospace as part of its leadership team,” said Paul Cooper in response to his appointment. “I believe our operations, quality, and supply chain capability must be a strategic asset for the company, and I am driven by the desire to exceed our customers’ expectations and support the commercial growth of the company.” 


About Helix Geospace: 

Helix is a UK-based privately funded company currently located at the Abingdon Science Park near Oxford, noted for its cluster of high-tech businesses. The company is developing antennas for high-accuracy GNSS location and high-bandwidth datacomms, and the precision manufacturing processes necessary for their manufacture. 


About the technology: 

Helix focuses on antenna technology for satellite communications and PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing). With variants for GPS and Galileo GNSS constellations and the Iridium LEO satcomms constellation, Helix antennas are multifrequency resonant devices with tightly targeted frequency discrimination. They utilise multiple helical conductor filaments on a high dielectric constant ceramic core. The selective nature of the design assures integrity of data delivered to the receiver enabling positional accuracy to 10cm to be computed, and high levels of resilience against environmental and deliberate disruption. The helical antenna resonance means that troublesome reflected signals, typical of modern cities’ ‘urban canyons’ are ignored, while the on-frequency accuracy makes the system resilient to ‘noisy neighbour’ spectrum interference and deliberate jamming. All this comes in a compact and robust form factor light enough for drones and small enough for vehicle aesthetics. We’re now developing electronics anti-jamming/spoofing systems that deliver the optimum defence against malicious attempts to undermine satellite navigation and communications.

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