Helix Geospace’s Oliver Leisten is listed in the UK’s Top Chief Technology Officers

We are pleased to announce that Oliver Leisten, Chief Technology Officer at Helix Geospace has been listed within the united Kingdom’s 36 top CTO’s in the manufacturing space, as part of Boardroom Media’s CTO Showcase.

Featuring at number 28, Boardroom Media track over 1,000,000 startups and over 5,000,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. Individuals are assessed on their contribution four categories: Innovation, Growth, Management and Societal impact.

Plessey Avionics and Communications sponsored Oliver’s studies in electronic and electrical engineering at Loughborough University, and Philips Research Labs funded his pursuit of a PhD in solid state microwave electronics at the University of Kent.

Since 1990 he has worked on satellite receiver and antenna design: amassing over 40 patents and an impressive list of frequently cited publications. Starting his career with integrated circuit receiver design he then focused on designing miniature dielectric-loaded antennas.  Now utilising his accumulated knowledge, he leads an innovation team at Helix to develop arrays of small antennas tasked to the positioning of autonomous vehicles to a 10 cm accuracy in urban environments.

Helix Geospace is taking the intellectual property to a higher level: augmenting the conventional GNSS measurement of time of arrival of the GNSS signal with the direction of arrival to build measurement checking as a basis for resilient GNSS.

You can view the full list here

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