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Iridium Band Antennas

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The below samples available to purchase for evaluation and testing purposes. Please contact us for a quote for multiple orders and price breaks.
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When both size and performance are critical!

Handheld device
personal tracking
Anti-spoofing and jamming
Samples for Evaluation

Sample antennas are available to purchase online so that you can test our product’s suitability for your application. Contact our technical team to discuss your requirements, and samples can be purchased and shipped out globally within 5 working days.

Resilient Iridium Antennas

The Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) series of antennas are tuned specifically for the Iridium network – 1,616 to 1,626 MHz. The use of our proprietary DielectriX™ dielectric-loaded multi-helical technology to deliver highly resilient performance packaged in a form factor as small as 37mm tall, 13.5mm in diameter.

Key capabilities include the ability to operate safely near the human head and when hand-held due to the patented use of high dielectric constant material within the antenna’s core. The antenna’s cardiod radiation pattern ensures excellent performance at low elevation angle ensuring long duration connection as satellites track from horizon-to-horizon.

The Iridium SBD antennas are available in three package options. For externally mounted antennas we offer a radome-protected version with SMA connector, and for embedded designs or customers’ own-designed radomes, antenna elements are available with SMA or U.FL connectors. Full details can be found on the downloadable data sheets. Helix offers a support service to customers developing embedded applications to ensure design criteria for the Iridium SBD network are met.

Satellite voice and data communications are not only critical safety measures for maintaining communications in remote areas or places where cellular communications are unviable, but they also open new possibilities for IoT applications. Our Iridium antennas are ideal for mobile handsets, wearable trackers and personal safety devices, and they can be mounted on vehicles, marine craft, aircraft, and integrated into computer systems for critical infrastructure applications.


Helix Geospace Iridium SBD series antennas are ideally suited for Iridium applications in which resilience and compact form factor are essential:

  • All Iridium voice and SBD (Short Burst Data) applications – satphones and terminals
  • Satelles STL service applications
  • Defence/security/CNI/first responder
  • Asset tracking and fleet vehicle tracking
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Personal safety devices
  • Hand-held and wearable devices
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Industrial/Oil & gas/Mining.