Helix joins the Iridium Partner Ecosystem

Iridium Partner Ecosystem

Helix proudly announces that they are part of the Iridium partner ecosystem, joining over 450 partners of the program as a Value-Added Developer (VAD). The new partnership will provide opportunities and expand Helix’s enterprise customer base across the globe, and represents a commitment by Helix to accelerate the growth of its sales channels for the HXDC1600 series of Iridium® antennas.

The HXDC1600 series of Iridium antennas has been developed using our proprietary  Dielectrix™ dielectric-loaded multi-helical technology to deliver highly resilient performance packaged in a form factor as small as 37mm tall, 13.5mm in diameter.

Combining small size with high efficiency, key capabilities include the ability to operate safely near the human head and when hand-held due to the patented use of high dielectric constant material within the antenna’s core. The antenna’s cardioid radiation pattern ensures outstanding performance at low elevation angles ensuring long duration connection as satellites track from horizon-to-horizon.

Satellite voice and data communications are not only critical safety measures for maintaining communications in remote areas or places where cellular communications are unviable, but they also open new possibilities for IoT applications. Our Iridium antennas are ideal for mobile handsets, wearable trackers and personal safety devices, and they can be mounted on vehicles, marine craft, aircraft, and integrated into computer systems for critical infrastructure applications.

“Being part of the Iridium Partner Ecosystem as a Value-Added Developer, will enable collaboration and access to new distribution channels enabling our antenna solutions to reach more customers developing products for use in dynamic and complex environments where the need for resilient, low-power connectivity is critical.”
Clare Coates, Head of Marketing, Helix Geospace. 

 “Iridium is pleased to welcome Helix Geospace to our partner community and looks forward to seeing its innovative antenna technology adopted in a variety of solutions,” said Bryan Hartin, executive vice president, Iridium.  “Small form-factor, low power, highly-mobile and portable devices are a bedrock of Iridium and Iridium Connected® services, and Helix Geospace is bringing a new quality solution to help serve a number of important markets.”

About Helix Geospace:
Helix Geospace is a brand of Helix Technologies Ltd. The company is developing sophisticated antennas and electronic systems that defend against the vulnerabilities and threats to PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) services delivered by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and future space-based navigation services. These services are relied on by $trillion global economies and critical national infrastructures, as well as transportation and security, and Helix is developing technology that assures signal integrity in RF-disruptive environments and mitigates against malicious attack.

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