Helix Geospace appoints Tom Beese as Chairman

Helix Geospace appoints Tom Beese as Chairman

Helix is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Beese as Chairman of its Board of Directors. 

With over twenty-five years in the computing industry, and having served as a CEO of a technology start-up, Tom Beese currently chairs several early-stage technology businesses, and brings a wealth of experience to the role of chairman at Helix Geospace. He also chairs Esroe, which is another high-growth company addressing the electromagnetic spectrum for both civil and security customers. Additionally, he chairs YellowDog, delivering a breakthrough in cloud computing, and Titania, one of the UK’s leading cyber security software businesses.

In his new Helix Geospace role, Tom will support the leadership team and focus on the company’s strategic matters, overseeing business and setting governance standards. 

Commenting on his new role, Tom said, ‘I work with just a few teams and, exactly as at Helix Geospace, they must be setting out to achieve a step-change in their industry and where, hopefully, I can bring highly relevant experience and expertise to give them an even higher probability of success on their demanding journey. I’m therefore very excited to be joining Helix at this time.”

Oliver Leisten, Helix CEO – CTO, said
“It is a great privilege to welcome Tom Beese as Chairman of the Board. It is with happy anticipation that we shall work with Tom: using his fresh thinking, business connections, and wisdom to create a successful company.”


About Helix Geospace: 

Helix Geospace is a brand of Helix Technologies Ltd. The company is developing sophisticated antennas and electronic systems that defend against the vulnerabilities and threats to PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) services that are delivered by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). These PNT services have become vitally important to global economies as they are employed in the operation of critical telecommunication infrastructure, transport, and security. Helix Geospace is providing technology which assures GNSS system integrity in RF disrupted environments: even protecting against malicious interference attacks.

Helix’s antennas and systems are ideally suited to military, aerospace, and automotive applications in addition to industrial and consumer markets. Founded in 2017, the company is based in Harwell, UK.

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