GPS Antennas

Designed for applications where size and performance are critical

GPS Band Antennas

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When both size and performance matter!

Samples for Evaluation

Our development kits are designed to aid application developers to test our product’s suitability for projects. Contact our technical team to discuss your requirements, and samples can be purchased and shipped out globally within 5 working days.

Position-accuracy-GPS-L1 -L5-antennas_

The dual-band GPS L1 & L5 antennas are meticulously tuned for precise performance at the L1 frequency range of 1,565.42-1,585.42 MHz and the L5 frequency of 1,176.45 MHz (1,1702.2-1,182.7 MHz) utilising DielectriX™ technology. This innovative technology employs a proprietary dielectric-loaded multi-helical design, ensuring durability and accuracy in a compact, space-saving form.

These antennas are engineered to excel at discriminating multi-path signals that may be reflected, and they are resistant to both RF and electrical noise. Moreover, due to their balanced and isolated design, they remain unaffected by common-mode noise or detuning caused by nearby objects in the near-field.

Customers have the option to choose between an antenna with or without a protective radome that is overmoulded, allowing for seamless integration into their products. These antennas are versatile and can be utilised in a variety of applications, from new projects to those requiring minimal integration, or even retrofitting into existing products.

High precision GPS L1 & L2 antennas

The compact GPS L1/L2 series of antennas are tuned specifically for the L1 and L2 frequencies: 1,217.6-1,237.6 MHz (L2) and 1,565.42-1,585.42 MHz (L1). Propriety DielectriX™ dielectric-loaded multi-helical technology ensures resilient, precision performance packaged in a compact rugged form.

These antennas provide excellent multi-path (reflected) signal discrimination and are resistant to RF and electrical noise. They’re balanced and isolated from platform ground, ensuring immunity to common-mode noise and unaffected by detuning from near-field objects.

The antenna is offered with or without an overmoulded protective radome, allowing customers to integrate it directly into their products. These antennas are suited for new applications, applications requiring minimal integration, or retrofitting existing products.

Autonomous vehicles - Helix Geospace
Parcel Drone - Helix Geospace
Anti-spoofing and jamming


Both the GPS L1/L2 and GPS L1/L5 series antennas are ideally suited for PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) applications in which resilience, position accuracy and compact form factor are essential:

  • Precision location and navigation
  • Precision Timing for network sync and crypto
  • Defence/security/CNI/first responder
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Asset tracking and fleet vehicle tracking
  • Internet of Things
  • Personal safety devices
  • Hand-held and wearable location devices
  • Industrial/Oil & gas/Mining.