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Antenna solutions utilising patented technology

We have developed and patent-protected a completely novel approach to creating the smallest antennas capable of delivering world-beating performance for GNSS and terrestrial or satellite data communications. It combines material science, RF innovation, and Industry 4.0 precision manufacturing, and we call it DielectriX.


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Helix Technologies was founded in 2017 by Oliver Leisten to commercialise his extensive work in the field of dielectric-loaded multi-filar antennas. By 2019 the leadership team had expanded to include engineers and entrepreneurs who are driven to deliver optimal antenna performance to the autonomous, aerospace, critical national infrastructure and the defense and security sectors.

Our Dielectrix™ technology is the core of our multi-helical antenna-based solutions for resilient precision PNT. Advanced material science drives our antenna performance and we have pioneered and patent protected the use of specialised high dielectric constant materials.

Helix Geospace’s headquarters is based on the Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, which is central to the UK’s ‘space cluster’.


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Helix’s design methodology is optimised for rapid development of new antenna products, both as standard commercial off-the-shelf solutions and customised antenna solutions for specific customer applications. We have created a unique ‘Industry 4.0’ manufacturing process capable of meeting the micron-accurate fabrication precision that delivers the performance benefits of DielectriX.

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Oliver Leisten

Chief Technology officer & Interim Chief executive officer

With excess of 30 years’ experience in the radio communications industry and a PhD for his work on aspects of solid-state microwave electronics, Dr Leisten is well placed to lead the technological advancement of Helix Geospace.  

He began his work on dielectric-loaded, multi-filar helix antennas whilst at Symmetricom Ltd and founded his first company as an MBO in September 2000 in order to commercialise this work. 

Dr Leisten is unquestionably the world’s foremost expert in the field of dielectric-loaded multi-filar antennas, and invented the concept, with the patents in the field as the named inventor.

Nick Filler, Chief Operating Officer - Helix Geospace

Nick Filler

Chief Operating Officer

Joining Nokia in the early 90’s Nick rose to a valid management member of the Product Development Centre in Texas, in charge of products in the AMPS sector. Understanding that the drivers for mobile phones were moving from hardware to software, he transitioned into software sourcing and running a global management initiative.

In 2012 Nick started his own advisory business, as well as driving an independent Nokia-funded start-up in crowd- sourced content. In 2014 he joined Jaguar Land Rover and negotiated contracts with a valuation in excess of £50m within the Connected Car space, wrote their procurement strategy and structured the implementation process.

Before joining Helix, Nick mentored start-ups and advised companies in the automotive and intelligent mobility sectors.

Matthew Dreaper - Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Dreaper

Chief Financial Officer

As a Chartered Management Accountant with 18 years’ experience as Finance Director of various growing businesses, Matthew is well place to as Helix’s Chief Financial Officer.

Matthew was selected for the Finance Graduate Training programme at Cable & Wireless in 1993, and went on to become European Acquisitions Manager at Hertz Corporation. 

He was FD of the UK’s largest pharmacy software provider between 2001 and 2006, and then became CFO for Nucare plc, where he supported a major restructuring of the groups’ businesses and the subsequent sale to Phoenix Pharmahandel GmbH.

Careers at
Helix Geospace

We’re always interested in hearing from individuals who are exceptional, creative, visionaries who share our team’s enthusiasm for innovation and precision. We value diversity and originality within our strong team, which develops next-generation antennas and systems for robust, resilient and high accuracy performance.

If you feel you have something to offer and would like to work with colleagues who have risen to the challenge of developing customised and off-the-shelf solutions for tomorrow’s safety-critical and mission-critical applications, then drop us an email  with your CV: careers@helixgeospace.com