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We have developed and patent-protected a completely novel approach to creating the smallest antennas capable of delivering world-beating performance for GNSS and terrestrial or satellite data communications. It combines material science, RF innovation, and precision manufacturing, and we call it DielectriX.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology is ubiquitous in modern life, most of us use it every day without a second thought and global economies depend on it. Knowing centimetre-exact location and nanosecond-accurate time data is critical for national infrastructure, commercial and consumer applications. However, almost all PNT systems have inherent issues which cause inaccuracy and security breaches leaving the system susceptible to spoofing and jamming.

Helix Geospace has acknowledged these issues, analysed the severity of inaccurate and corrupted data. This has resulted in the development of pioneering antenna and electronic systems technology, which enables the design and development of resilient and precise Position, Navigation, Timing (PNT) applications. Our team of world-class engineers has risen to the  challenge of designing and developing customised and off-the-shelf solutions for tomorrow’s safety-critical and mission-critical applications.

When size and performance matter!

Handheld device
personal tracking
Anti-spoofing and jamming
Samples for Evaluation

Sample antennas are available to purchase online so that you can test our product’s suitability for your application. Contact our technical team to discuss your requirements, and samples can be purchased and shipped out globally within 5 working days.  

new iridium certified antennas

The HXDC1600-SAA family of Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) Antennas are tuned specifically for the Iridium network – 1,616 to 1,626 MHz. The use of our proprietary DielectriX™ dielectric-loaded multi-helical technology to deliver highly resilient performance packaged in a form factor.

  • Small size – 37mm tall, 13.5mm diameter. 
  • Low SAR (Specific Energy Absorption Rate) – The ability to operate safely near the human head and when hand-held due to the patented use of high dielectric constant material within the antenna’s core. 
  • Long duration connection – As satellites track from horizon to horizon, the antenna’s cardiod radiation pattern offers outstanding performance at low elevation angles, enabling long-term connectivity.


This product is intended for applications that require high-quality Iridium network reception.